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Seasons Poem

Four sisters of the year, in dance entwined,
Each bears a gift, for humankind designed.
First comes the maiden fair, with laughter light,
Her breath is Spring, with blooms bedight.

She waltzes in, with a gentle hand,
Bestowing life across the land.
Buds unfurl at her tender touch,
Nature's palette, her brush and such.

Then Summer, fierce with sun's embrace,
A queen of high noon, with fiery grace.
Her days are long, her skies are clear,
In her kingdom, warmth draws near.

She paints the world in hues of gold,
A tale of abundance, bravely told.
Fields of green, and azure seas,
Her reign is bold, meant to please.

Autumn follows, with rustling gown,
A princess with a golden crown.
Her harvest, rich, she shares with all,
As leaves begin their twirling fall.

She colors earth in orange and red,
Preparing all for winter's bed.
A symphony of crunching leaves,
A prelude to the frost she weaves.

Last comes Winter, shrouded in white,
A matron in the silent night.
Her gift is rest, her song is still,
As snowflakes cloak the vale and hill.

She whispers secrets, old and wise,
Underneath the gray-lit skies.
Her slumber deep, the world does keep,
Until Spring once more awakes from sleep.


Seasons Poem” is a celebration of the cyclical nature of the seasons, personified as four sisters whose unique gifts and characteristics define the changing landscape. From the renewal of Spring to the abundance of Summer, the bounty of Autumn, and the restful quiet of Winter, each season contributes to the eternal dance of nature.

Inspirations Behind

As I observed the seamless change of seasons, it struck me as a dance of elemental forces, each with its own rhythm and beauty. The idea of seasons as sisters came to me, a family with diverse gifts, bringing forth the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. It was a dance of interdependence and harmony that inspired me to weave words into this ode to the seasons.

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