Snow Poem 3

Snow Poem 3

As twilight fades to night's embrace,
Snowflakes swirl in an endless chase,
Covering the world in a silent vow,
To transform the night, here and now.

In the garden, a lone rose stands,
Braving the cold, in winter's hands,
Each petal kissed by frost's tender bite,
A bloom in defiance, against the night.

The city sleeps under a quilt of white,
Streets hushed, buildings out of sight,
Yet in the silence, there's a whispered song,
A promise of renewal, not too long.

High above, the stars keep watch,
Over silent woods, and frozen thatch,
Their light, a guide through the darkest hour,
A reminder of hope, of nature's power.

When morning comes, with soft dawn's light,
The world awakes to a wondrous sight,
Snow's gift, a canvas pure and bright,
A chance to begin anew, in the morning light.
First light of a winter dawn
First light of a winter dawn


Snow Poem 3” explores the transformative power of snow, painting a picture of a world temporarily stilled and softened by a winter’s blanket. It touches on themes of resilience, as seen in the lone rose braving the winter, and the quiet anticipation of renewal and new beginnings that follow a snowfall. The poem reflects on the contrast between the hush of a snow-covered city and the enduring vigil of the stars above, symbolizing hope and the cyclical nature of life.

Inspirations Behind

The inspiration for “Snow Poem 3” came from a late-night walk through a freshly snow-covered city. The world seemed transformed, muffled and made anew, with the usual signs of life hidden under a soft, white layer. Amidst this blanketed silence, a single rose in a garden caught my eye, its petals frosted yet vibrant against the snow. It struck me as a powerful symbol of resilience and beauty in adversity. This image, combined with the clear, starry sky above, sparked a reflection on the themes of transformation, silence, and renewal inherent in the winter season.

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