Winter night poem
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Winter Night Poem

Lullaby of Winter

The night wraps 'round like a velvet cloak,
Stars twinkle above, a silent stroke.
Snowflakes fall in a gentle sway,
Winter whispers, "End of day."

Moon's silver beam on fields of white,
Glowing softly in the deep night.
Trees shadowed against the sky so clear,
Hold secrets that only night can hear.

Owls hoot in a rhythmic rhyme,
Keeping watch 'til the end of time.
Children dream of snowmen tall,
In the hush of the evening's call.

Under quilts, so cozy and tight,
They slumber 'neath the pale moonlight.
While the world in silence lies,
Beneath the vast winter skies.


“Lullaby of Winter” is a serene poem that captures the tranquil beauty of a winter night. The imagery of snowflakes, the moon’s glow, and the quiet of nature aim to soothe and enchant young listeners or readers as they envision the peacefulness of the nocturnal winter world.

Inspirations Behind

This winter night poem draws its inspiration from the quietude that descends with winter nights, where every sound is muffled by the snow, and the moon reigns over the landscape. It’s about the calmness that invites reflection and the dreams of children waiting for the next day’s play in the snow.

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