winter poems for preschoolers

Winter Poems for Preschoolers

Snowy Day Delight

In a world of white, so bright and light,
Snowflakes dance, a wondrous sight.
Snowmen stand, tall and grand,
In a frosty, snowy, winter land.

With a carrot nose, and a hat so neat,
Snowy smiles, oh so sweet!
We slide and glide, with sleds in tow,
Laughing in the shimmering snow.

In mittens warm, and scarves so snug,
We give snowballs a friendly tug.
Winter's charm, so merry and right,
In our hearts, it's a snowy day delight!


Snowy Day Delight” brings to life the magical essence of winter for young children. It captures the excitement and joy found in simple winter activities like building snowmen, sledding, and playing in the snow. The poem’s light-hearted and whimsical tone is perfect for preschoolers, celebrating the wonder of the snowy season.

Inspirations Behind

I was inspired by the pure joy and amazement that young children experience during their first few encounters with snow. The way their eyes light up at the sight of a winter wonderland, and their eagerness to play and explore in it, filled my heart with warmth. This poem is a tribute to those precious, fleeting moments of childhood wonder.

Dance of Little Penguins

Dance of Little Penguins

Little penguins waddle in a line,
On icy paths, they slip and shine.
Fluffy feathers, black and white,
They dance in the moon's soft light.

Flip-flap wings, and happy feet,
To the winter's chilly beat.
In the snow, they slide and glide,
On a frosty, fun-filled ride.

Round and round, in a game so grand,
Over snowy hills, hand in hand.
Penguins laugh, in their winter trance,
Under stars, they twirl and dance!


Dance of Little Penguins” is a playful and rhythmic poem that introduces preschoolers to the enchanting world of penguins. It portrays the joyful antics of these charming birds as they play and dance in their icy habitat, creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

Inspirations Behind

Watching a documentary about penguins with my niece, I was captivated by their playful nature and the way they seemed to dance on the ice. Their carefree movements and social interactions sparked my imagination, leading me to write this poem, hoping to capture the same sense of joy and playfulness for young children.

Murmur of Winter

Winter whispers through the trees,
"Come and play, if you please."
Snowflakes twirl, in a gentle dance,
In the woods, where deers prance.

Bare branches wear a coat of white,
Glistening in the morning light.
Little rabbits hop and leap,
In the snow, so soft and deep.

We make angels in the snow,
Under the sun's gentle glow.
Winter's whisper, soft and tender,
Brings us joy, in all its splendor!
Murmur of Winter


“Murmur of Winter” is a gentle and soothing poem that takes preschoolers on a journey through a serene winter landscape. It highlights the beauty and tranquility of the season, inviting children to appreciate and enjoy the quieter aspects of winter.

Inspirations Behind

One quiet morning, as I walked through a snow-covered forest, I felt a deep sense of peace and wonder. The soft rustling of the trees and the delicate snowflakes seemed to whisper a hidden melody. This poem is my attempt to capture that serene beauty and share it with young minds, hoping to inspire a love for the quieter, yet equally enchanting, side of winter.

This is a nice preschoolers poem.

End Words

In summary, these “winter poems for preschoolers” charmingly capture the essence of the winter season. “Snowy Day Delight,” “Little Penguins’ Dance,” and “Whisper of Winter” each offer a unique perspective on winter’s joys, from playful snow adventures to the serene beauty of a snow-covered landscape. With simple language and vivid imagery, these poems engage young imaginations, fostering an early appreciation for the natural world and the enchantment of poetry.

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