A Bird Mother's Love Poem
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A Bird Mother’s Love

Beneath her wings, the world grows small,
Soft feathers warm the chilly morn.
A mother duck, her call so calm,
Guides her brood from dusk till dawn.

In each step, she shows the way,
Through quiet ponds, 'cross lea so green.
Like human hearts, she fears the fray,
Her vigilance remains unseen.

Her love, a shield from rain and wind,
In tender care, their lives entwined.
So too, our mothers guard and bind,
With love that’s fierce, yet softly kind.

Across all earth, in every form,
A mother’s love, a haven born.
From human hands to wings adorned,
Love’s legacy, forever sworn.
Mommy Duck's Guidance Through Meadows
Mommy Duck’s Guidance Through Meadows
Mommy is guiding little kids through a sunny meadow
Mommy is guiding little kids through a sunny meadow


A Bird Mother’s Love poem explores the universal theme of maternal love, comparing the tender care of a duck mother to human mothers. Both provide warmth, guidance, and protection, illustrating that the essence of motherhood transcends species. The poem highlights the natural instincts and dedication of all mothers, showing that love and protection are common threads that bind mothers across nature.

Inspiration Behind

Inspired by the sight of a mother duck with her ducklings, this poem aims to draw parallels between the nurturing behaviors in nature and those in human life. Observing how diligently the duck mother cared for her young sparked a reflection on the universal qualities of maternal love, prompting a poetic exploration of the similarities between all mothers, whether feathered or not.

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