Chubby Little Snowman enjoying moonlit night

Chubby Little Snowman

A chubby little snowman, with a carrot nose,
Upon a winter's canvas, where the cold wind blows.
His coal-black eyes, sparkling like stars so bright,
In the quiet of the snowfall, under the moonlight.

Round and jolly, a figure of winter's play,
In a scarf of red and green, he stands in merry array.
Children dance around him, in laughter and in cheer,
Celebrating the joy of the snowy time of year.

But as the sun ascends, and the days grow long,
Our chubby little snowman begins to sing his swan song.
Slowly melting, dripping, under the warming sky,
Leaving memories in puddles, as he bids goodbye.

Yet in every snowflake that next winter brings,
His spirit dances anew, on frosty wings.
For the chubby little snowman, is not just ice and snow,
He's a symbol of joy, in winter's glow.


Chubby Little Snowman poem is a heartwarming poem that captures the joyful essence of winter through the character of a snowman. It portrays the fleeting yet memorable presence of a snowman, symbolizing the transient beauty of winter and the childhood joy associated with it. The poem navigates the lifecycle of the snowman, from its jubilant creation to its inevitable melting, leaving behind fond memories and the promise of return with each winter season.

Inspirations Behind

As I crafted “Chubby Little Snowman,” I envisioned the timeless joy and innocence of childhood winters. I was inspired by the simple yet profound happiness that a snowman, a creation of snow, coal, and a carrot, can bring to children and adults alike. The melting of the snowman symbolizes the impermanence of joyous moments, reminding us to cherish them. Yet, in its cyclical return each winter, the snowman also signifies hope and the enduring nature of memories.

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