Summer is Poem

Summer is Poem

Bright blue skies and wavy crops,
Ice cream cones and soda pops,
Surfing waves and camping nights,
Summer days in pure delight.

Cicadas sing in evening's glow,
Fireflies in twilight show,
Owls call from trees so high,
Magic moments as time flies by.

Fields of gold and farmers' toil,
Rows of green in fertile soil,
Camper vans on roads we roam,
Nature's beauty feels like home.

Bonfires light the starry night,
Stories shared in soft moonlight,
Marshmallows toast on sticks we hold,
Memories made and tales retold.

Swimming pools and sunny rays,
Games and laughter fill our days,
Picnic blankets spread on grass,
Joyful times that always last.

Summer brings a world so bright,
Days of wonder, pure delight,
Nature's poem in every view,
Life in colors, shades of blue.
Camper Van Adventures
Camper Van Adventures


“Summer is Poem” encapsulates the myriad joys and experiences of summer. From sunny days to magical nights, it highlights the activities, environment, and cultural moments that define the season.

Inspiration Behind

I drew inspiration from the varied and vibrant elements of summer. The warmth, the activities, and the natural beauty all contribute to a season filled with memorable experiences. It’s a celebration of summer in all its forms.

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