Evening Croak

Frog Haiku Poem 7

Evening Croak

Evening's quiet hush,
Croaks echo in the twilight,
Frogs sing to the moon.
Frog Haiku Poem 7


The haiku “Evening Croak” captures a serene evening scene. It begins with a tranquil setting at dusk, characterized by a hushed atmosphere. As the evening deepens, the croaking of frogs becomes prominent, echoing in the twilight. This sound is not just noise; it’s portrayed as a form of singing, with the frogs serenading the moon. The haiku evokes a sense of peacefulness and harmony with nature, as the day transitions to night.

Inspirations Behind

As I wrote the haiku “Evening Croak” I felt a deep sense of tranquility and connection with nature. The calm of the evening, with its soft, fading light, inspired me. I imagined myself standing by a pond, witnessing the day’s end, and hearing the chorus of frogs. Their croaking seemed like a heartfelt serenade to the moon, adding a layer of magic to the twilight. This moment of peace and natural beauty deeply moved me, reminding me of the simple, yet profound wonders of the natural world.

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