A frog in the marsh

Twilight by the Marsh

As twilight drapes the marsh in hues of gold,
Where reeds and water meet, stories unfold.
A frog leaps softly in this dimming light,
Its silhouette a dance against the night.

Amidst the cattails, whispers stir the air,
The evening song begins, a chorus rare.
The frog, a minstrel in this twilight play,
Croons to the stars that chase the sun away.

The marsh, a canvas rich with life's display,
Reflects the moon in ripples, silver-grey.
Each leap and splash, a verse in nature's rhyme,
Marks time in harmony, in rhythm sublime.

As darkness settles, mysteries take flight,
The frog remains, a guardian of night.
In this serene world, where day meets the dark,
The frog sings on, a marshland's vibrant spark.


“Twilight by the Marsh” is a poem that beautifully illustrates a serene marsh at twilight, centered around a frog. The poem paints a picture of harmony and tranquility in nature, with the frog playing a key role in the evening’s chorus. As night falls, the frog’s presence symbolizes the continuous life and vibrancy of the marsh, embodying the spirit of nature’s transition from day to night.

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