A nighttime frog

Frog Haiku Poem 6

Nocturne in the Marsh

Marsh grasses murmur, 
A frog's croak echoes through night, 
Starlit sky's embrace.
Frog Haiku Poem 6


As a poet, I feel deeply connected to the imagery and mood of the Frog Haiku Poem 6 – ‘Nocturne in the Marsh,’ a haiku that elegantly depicts a serene and mystical nighttime scene in a marshland. It begins with the gentle sounds of marsh grasses whispering, setting a tranquil and soft mood. The scene becomes more vivid with the distinctive croak of a frog echoing through the night, adding a sense of life and activity to the calm marsh. The haiku culminates with the imagery of a starlit sky, symbolizing a vast and comforting presence that embraces the entire landscape. This haiku beautifully intertwines various natural elements — the grass, the frog, and the night sky — to create a harmonious and enchanting snapshot of nature at night. Through these lines, I feel transported to a place where the simplicity of nature’s sounds and sights weave a tapestry of peace and wonder.


The inspiration for the haiku came from a tranquil evening I spent by a marshland. The stillness of the night was occasionally interrupted by the gentle rustling of marsh grasses, creating a soothing, almost musical background. This serenity was further accentuated by the singular, resonant croak of a frog, which seemed to echo through the expanse, merging with the night’s ambiance. Looking up, I was captivated by the starlit sky, a vast canvas of twinkling lights that seemed to lovingly embrace the entire scene. This haiku aims to capture that moment of harmony between earth and sky, sound and silence, creating a serene snapshot of nature’s nocturnal beauty.

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