A winter night scene

Winter Crystal Lullaby

Beneath the moon's soft silvery glow,
Lies a world wrapped in sheets of snow,
Where crystal lullabies drift in the air,
And trees stand in robes of white, so fair.

Each flake, a verse from the sky's own song,
Dances to the tune all winter long.
The earth is hushed, in slumber deep,
Cradled by the cold in a frozen sleep.

The river hums a muted tune,
Beneath a quilt stitched by the moon.
And the wind, a gentle maestro's sway,
Conducts the night till break of day.

The stars twinkle in rhythmic delight,
Keeping watch o'er the land’s quiet plight.
As winter whispers its lullaby,
Nature listens, and so do I.
Winter Crystal Lullaby


“Winter Crystal Lullaby” evokes the serene beauty of a winter night. The poem describes a landscape transformed by snow, where natural elements are personified to create a harmonious symphony of winter’s quietude. The moon, the stars, and the wind all play a part in this nocturnal concert, lulling the earth into a peaceful slumber.

Inspirations Behind

I found myself enthralled by the quiet majesty of a winter’s night. The way the snowflakes seemed to sing as they fell from the heavens, each one contributing to the silent chorus that blanketed the earth. It felt as if the world had slowed down, inviting me to witness the soft whispers of the season—a lullaby for the senses, which I yearned to capture in verse.

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