Winter season watercolor paint
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Winter Whisper

Whispers of frost, delicate and fine,
In a dance of crystals, they entwine.
Nestled under a starry cover,
Trees stand still, as night takes over.
Every flake, a story untold,
Reveling in the cold, so bold.
A painting emanating winter whisper


Winter Whisper” encapsulates the serene beauty of winter. Each line, beginning with the letters of ‘WINTER,’ paints a vivid picture of the season’s unique charm. From the gentle touch of frost to the quiet stance of trees under starlit skies, this poem celebrates the enchanting aspects of winter’s landscape.

Inspirations Behind

As I decided to write “Winter Whisper,” I envisioned the silent, ethereal beauty of a winter’s night. The frost’s delicate touch and the starry canopy overhead inspired me. I imagined the trees in their quiet splendor, standing as silent witnesses to the season’s tranquil beauty. Each snowflake, unique in its journey, contributed to this winter wonderland, creating a symphony of silent whispers in the cold night.

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