Poem White Rose
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White Rose

In gardens where silence sleeps,
A white rose, softly, secrets keeps.
Under moon's gentle, watchful eye,
Its petals breathe, never shy.

In shadows where dreams may dwell,
This rose's story, night will tell.
With stars as guides, it stands alone,
In quiet grace, its beauty shown.

Through seasons' shift and morning dew,
It whispers not but blooms anew.
Against the storm, it holds its grace,
A symbol of peace, in life's embrace.

In solitude, it finds its strength,
A beacon of hope, at length.
Through time's passage, it remains pure,
A white rose, silent, yet demure.
The white rose with morning dew on its petals
The white rose with morning dew on its petals


The poem “White Rose” encapsulates the elegance and resilience of a white rose as it flourishes in silence, embodying peace, hope, and purity through its existence. Each stanza highlights the rose’s journey and its quiet but powerful presence against the backdrop of nature and time, serving as a metaphor for the enduring and tranquil force of beauty and grace in the face of life’s challenges.

Inspiration Behind

I thought of a garden at twilight, the first scene that came to mind. There’s something magical about a white rose under the moonlight. It stands for peace and hope in my eyes. I wanted to capture its silent strength, its ability to bloom in solitude. It’s a symbol that, even in silence, there’s profound beauty and resilience. This vision led me to avoid louder expressions of growth or affection, focusing instead on the rose’s quiet, dignified presence.

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