Red Red Rose Poem
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Red Red Rose

In velvet depth, a red, red rose,
Beneath the sun's soft, golden close.
Its petals spread, a fervent flare,
Against the sky, so vast, so bare.

A symbol of a love so bold,
In scarlet hues, its stories told.
Not in grand halls, but fields wide,
Where silent promises reside.

Through seasons' shift and time's slow dance,
It stands in bloom, in vibrant stance.
A beacon for those who dare to dream,
Of love that flows like a gentle stream.

In every petal, a tale unfurls,
Of passion's power, as day unfurls.
A red, red rose, in simple grace,
Holds the essence of love's embrace.
The rose in scarlet hues emit a sense of bold love
The rose in scarlet hues emit a sense of bold love


This Red Red Rose celebrates the timeless symbol of love and passion, the red rose, capturing its beauty and symbolic depth in succinct, vivid imagery. It portrays the rose not just as a flower, but as an enduring emblem of love that stands resilient through time and seasons. The simplicity of the lines underscores the universal message of love’s enduring and bold nature, highlighting the rose as a beacon for dreamers and lovers alike.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by the classic beauty and deep symbolic meaning of the red rose. Its simplicity, yet profound impact on notions of love and passion, moved me. I imagined a lone rose, standing boldly in a vast field, its color striking against the backdrop of the sky. This image filled me with a sense of romance and the timeless quest for love that resists fading, much like the enduring bloom of a rose.

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