A March Calf
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A March Calf

March chills, sky wide,
First steps by mother's side.
Frost fields, winter's spell,
New life, warmth's swell.

Coat soft, shield from cold,
Eyes wonder, world bold.
Promise in the air, change to hold,
Life's tale, in gentle cold, told.

Unsteady steps, explore and learn,
Under herd's eyes, safety's return.
Earth thaws, paths form,
Renewal's cycle, life's norm.

Days pass, chill fades,
Calf strong, in sun and shades.
Season's symbol, life's affirm,
A March calf, Earth's renewal confirm.
The March calf taking its first unsteady steps in the early morning light
The March calf taking its first unsteady steps in the early morning light


“A March Calf” celebrates the birth and growth of a calf in the early days of March, using this moment as a metaphor for renewal and hope. The poem captures the essence of new life emerging amidst the lingering chill of winter, symbolizing the persistent cycle of life and nature’s resilience. It reflects on the journey of growth and discovery that starts with unsteady steps but leads to strength and certainty, paralleling the seasonal transition from winter to spring. This narrative of a calf’s early days embodies the spirit of renewal, highlighting the beauty and promise inherent in beginnings.

A close-up of the March calf amongst the first signs of spring
A close-up of the March calf amongst the first signs of spring

Inspiration Behind

Inspired by the serene and transformative energy of March, I envisioned the birth of a calf as a powerful symbol of new beginnings. The idea came to me as I observed the subtle yet profound changes that mark the end of winter and the onset of spring. The calf’s journey from its first tentative steps to becoming a confident member of the herd mirrors the natural world’s awakening. Drawing from the simple yet majestic scenes of life on a farm, where each creature’s birth marks the continuation of life’s cycles, I sought to capture the essence of hope, growth, and renewal that defines the season. The March calf, in its innocence and strength, embodies the promise of the future, reminding us of the enduring rhythms of the natural world.

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  1. This is really beautiful. I shared you words(while crediting you), with a photo of one of my new cow/calf pairs.

    I would add that I saw the photo with the poem floating around and had to search a bit to see who wrote it. Maybe add your name to the photo to make sure you get your dues. Glas I found this page. The writings here make me appreciate it even more.

    1. Hi Kelly!
      My pleasure. Team Literature Vaults is happy that you liked it. You can share the poem in your social handles as well.
      Happy spring time ahead!


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