A Patch of Old Snow
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A Patch of Old Snow

In the corner of the garden, hidden from view,
Lies a patch of old snow, a memory anew.
Once pure and white, now tinged with gray,
A remnant of winter, in the warmth of May.

Surrounded by blossoms, vibrant and bright,
The snow lies silently, a contrast to the light.
It whispers of times when the world was asleep,
Of cold, starry nights, and secrets to keep.

This patch of old snow, in its quiet decay,
Holds stories of laughter, of children at play.
Now, as the sun kisses the earth with its glow,
It slowly surrenders to the flow of life's show.

In its melting, a cycle comes to a close,
Giving way to the bloom, to the rose.
A symbol of change, of time's relentless sway,
This patch of old snow, in its own subtle way.


A Patch of Old Snow” explores the transient nature of time and seasons. Set in a garden during spring, it focuses on a lingering patch of snow, now gray and melting. The poem contrasts the vibrancy of spring blossoms with the fading snow, reflecting on the memories and stories it holds. It speaks of the cycle of life, change, and the inevitable passage of time, symbolized by the melting snow amidst the rebirth of nature in spring.

Inspirations Behind

As I wrote “A Patch of Old Snow,” I was inspired by a late spring morning in my garden, where I noticed a small, forgotten patch of snow, nestled among the new blooms. It was a striking image – the old, cold snow contrasting with the warm, lively colors of spring. This juxtaposition made me reflect on the nature of change, the fleeting moments we experience, and the cycle of life. It was a poignant reminder of how time moves on, taking with it the past, but also paving the way for new beginnings. This poem is a tribute to those small, often unnoticed moments that hold deep significance and remind us of the ever-changing tapestry of life.

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