Celtic Winter Solstice Poem
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Celtic Winter Solstice Poem

Whispers of the Winter Sun

In the heart of winter's embrace, under a cloak of starlit lace,
Ancient hills with frosty crowns, beneath the moon's silvery downs.
Whispers of the winter sun, where Celtic dreams have just begun,
Druids dance in circles old, secrets in the stones are told.

Amber fires and yew tree bows, in sacred groves where mistletoe grows,
Chanting echoes in the night, as stars weave tales of ancient light.
Oak and ash and thorn entwined, in this mystical design,
Celebrating solstice night, in the shortest day's soft light.
Celtic dance

You can listen to this poem here.


Whispers of the Winter Sun” is a Celtic Winter Solstice Poem that captures the mystical essence of the Celtic Winter Solstice. It illustrates a landscape rich in ancient tradition, where druids dance and secrets are whispered in sacred groves. The poem emphasizes the connection between nature and the Celts, celebrating the shortest day with reverence and awe.

Inspirations Behind

I was inspired by the deep-rooted connection between the Celts and nature, particularly during the Winter Solstice. The image of druids dancing under a starlit sky, surrounded by ancient trees and sacred stones, came to mind. This celebration, a blend of reverence and mystery, reflects a profound respect for natural cycles.

You can watch this video on Celtic rituals for a clear understanding.

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