Spring Cleaning poem

Spring Cleaning

When the last frost melts away under the sun's gentle plea,
Homes awaken from winter's deep, dusty sleep.
Out with the old, in with the fresh, spring's decree,
A ritual of renewal, where memories are kept and we sweep.

Windows thrown open, the breeze carries laughter,
Curtains dancing, sunlight bathes each room.
Every corner touched, from floor to rafter,
Chasing out shadows, banishing gloom.

Closets decluttered, secrets out in the light,
Old letters read, then kissed goodbye.
Spaces breathe deep, in relief and delight,
Under the watchful eye of the clear blue sky.

In this cleansing, more than dust is stirred,
Old dreams, forgotten wishes, quietly heard.
A time for letting go, and for hearts to mend,
Spring cleaning, a beginning, not just an end.
Clarity and peace comes with spring cleaning
Clarity and peace comes with spring cleaning


Spring Cleaning” delves into the transformative power of the traditional springtime ritual of cleaning and decluttering. Beyond the physical act of tidying and refreshing our living spaces, it symbolizes a deeper emotional and psychological renewal. The poem reflects on how this process allows us to revisit and release the past—represented by dusted-off memories, old letters, and the decluttering of spaces—making room for new beginnings and healing. It celebrates the cathartic effect of spring cleaning, not just as a seasonal task, but as a vital step towards personal clarity and renewal.

Inspirations Behind

The inspiration for “Spring Cleaning” came from my own yearly ritual of decluttering and cleaning my space with the arrival of spring. I’ve always found this process to be incredibly therapeutic, a physical manifestation of the internal changes I wish to make. As I sift through old belongings, I’m often struck by how objects can hold so much memory and emotion, and how letting go of them can feel like a release of past burdens. This poem is a reflection on that experience, exploring the duality of cleaning as both an end and a beginning, a physical and emotional journey towards lightness and renewal.

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