Cold morning poem

Cold Morning

In the hush of dawn's embrace,
Where frost kisses leaf and stone,
Silence wraps its cold lace,
In the realm where light has flown.

Beneath the pale sun's weak gaze,
Shadows stretch with icy fingers,
Breaths swirl in a misty maze,
In the heart, a quiet lingers.

The world, wrapped in a silver sheen,
A tapestry woven from winter's sigh,
Whispers of what lies unseen,
Beneath the vast, awakening sky.

Trees stand in stoic grace,
Bare, yet dressed in morning's glow,
A tranquil beauty fills the space,
In the cold morning's slow thaw.


“Cold Morning” captures the serene yet chilling essence of dawn during winter. It paints a picture of a world waking up under a blanket of frost, where every breath turns into mist and the weak sunlight struggles to pierce through the cold. This poem highlights the quiet beauty of nature in winter, emphasizing the contrast between the warmth of life and the icy grip of the season.

Inspirations Behind

The inspiration behind “Cold Morning” comes from my own experiences of early mornings during the winter season. There’s something profoundly peaceful about the world at this time, almost suspended in time, where every detail, from the frost on leaves to the slow rising of the sun, feels magnified. It’s a moment of reflection and quiet beauty that I wanted to capture through my words, bringing to life the stillness and the subtle awakening of nature as it braces against the cold.

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