Cold plums poem
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Cold Plums

In the stillness of the morning's first light,
Lay plums in a bowl, cold and bright.
Their skins, a dance of purple and blue,
Holding the chill of the dawn's fresh dew.

Touched by the warmth of a rising sun,
Their icy sheen glistens, one by one.
A contrast so stark, yet beautifully blends,
In this quiet moment, where night softly ends.

Beneath the surface, a sweetness hides,
Locked within their frosty sides.
A bite reveals the juice within,
A burst of summer, against the skin.

So simple, yet profound the pleasure,
In this moment, a quiet treasure.
Cold plums, in morning's embrace,
A memory time will not erase.
An orchard of plum trees


Cold Plums” explores the simple yet profound experience of enjoying plums chilled by the morning air. The poem draws attention to the sensory contrast between the fruit’s cold exterior and the warm, juicy sweetness waiting within. It celebrates the beauty of simple moments and the deep pleasure found in the natural world, highlighting the transition from night to day and the interplay of light, texture, and taste.

Inspirations Behind

The inspiration for “Cold Plums” was sparked by the iconic image of cold plums, which always struck me as a symbol of fleeting moments and simple pleasures. I was moved by the idea of capturing the essence of such a moment, where something as ordinary as eating a plum can become a profound experience. The poem is a nod to the beauty found in the everyday, an invitation to pause and savor the small, often overlooked moments that fill our lives with joy and meaning.

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