Corpse Flower Poems

Corpse Flower Poems

Corpse Flower

In Sumatra's shade, it blooms,
A giant's breath of doom.
Scarlet petals stretch so wide,
Foul scent cannot hide.
Beetles come, they heed the call,
Life in stench, amidst the thrall.
Nature's odd, dark display,
Night and day, it sways.
Nature's Odd Bloom
Nature’s Odd Bloom


This poem captures the paradox of the Corpse Flower, a plant that draws life through the stench of death, highlighting nature’s strange and captivating phenomena.

Inspiration Behind

I wrote this poem thinking of the unique allure of the Corpse Flower. Its ability to thrive and attract life through decay is fascinating. I imagined the rainforest, the mingling of beauty and decay, and the creatures it attracts.

The Sumatran Bloom

Sumatran giant stands tall,
Odor fills the forest hall.
Petals open, crimson wide,
Life and death side by side.
Beetles drawn to scent so grim,
Nature's way, both stark and dim.
Rare bloom in jungle deep,
Secrets in its silence keep.
Sumatran Marvel
Sumatran Marvel


This poem highlights the juxtaposition of life and decay within the Corpse Flower, emphasizing the unique beauty found in nature’s strangest creations.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by the eerie allure of the Corpse Flower. Its ability to draw life through decay fascinates me, showcasing nature’s complex and captivating designs.

End Words

These Corpse Flower Poems capture the unique and captivating essence of the Corpse Flower, emphasizing its paradoxical nature as it blends beauty with decay. They highlight the intricate balance in nature where life thrives even in the midst of death, drawing attention to the fascinating dynamics within the natural world.

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