End of Summer Poem

End of Summer

Golden rays dwindle,
shadows stretch long.
Last blooms nod
to the cricket's song.

Leaves hint at change,
breezes turn cool.
Empty nests perch
in quiet lull.

Fields once vibrant,
now bear gold grain.
Sunset comes early,
welcomes night's reign.

Farewell soft warmth,
hello crisp air.
Summer sighs softly,
in autumn's fair glare.
Golden Sunset over Fields
Golden Sunset over Fields
First Hint of Fall
First Hint of Fall


End of Summer poem captures the transitional essence of late summer as it yields to autumn. The poem highlights natural elements like fading sunlight, cooler breezes, and mature crops, expressing a gentle farewell to summer’s vibrancy and the quiet anticipation of fall.

Inspirations Behind

I found inspiration while walking through a park, noticing how the atmosphere shifted with the season. The fading flowers, longer shadows, and the crisp evening air all whispered that change was imminent. It felt like summer was giving a gentle nod to autumn, inspiring me to capture these subtle shifts in my poem.

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