Dear March, Come In
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Dear March, Come In

March, awaken,
Stirring whispers of green,
Buds peeking through snow's blanket,
Eager for the sun's caress.

Ice, thaw beneath the azure gaze,
Streams murmur tales of spring's return,
Carrying secrets from the winter's embrace,
To lands waiting in hushed anticipation.

Breezes, once chilled to the bone,
Now dance, laden with promise,
Caressing the cheeks of blooms,
Urging colors to break free from their slumber.

Dear March, come in,
With your uneven steps of change,
Bringing life to dormant seeds,
And stories to the lips of old oaks.

Through your winds, tell us tales,
Of beginnings fresh and renewals bold,
Your arrival, a diamante of hope,
Crafting the world anew with every fold.
Buds peeking through snow
Buds peeking through snow


“Dear March, Come In” is a poem that celebrates the transition from winter to spring, highlighting nature’s awakening and the promise of renewal. Each stanza captures a different aspect of early spring, from the melting ice to the blooming flowers, symbolizing change and new beginnings. The poem uses varied line lengths and multiple diamante forms to mirror the unpredictable yet beautiful nature of the season, emphasizing the impact of March’s arrival on the natural world and the human spirit.

Inspiration Behind

As I wrote this poem, I envisioned March as a gentle yet powerful force, bringing with it a wave of transformation that touches everything in its path. Inspired by the first signs of spring that I’ve observed over the years—such as the melting of ice, the first buds on trees, and the change in the air—I wanted to capture the essence of hope and renewal that the month brings. The decision to use non-equal lengths of lines and multiple diamante forms was to reflect the diverse and multifaceted ways in which March announces its presence, each sign of spring contributing to the larger tapestry of the season. This poem is a tribute to the dynamic and rejuvenating spirit of March, inviting it to come in and weave its magic.

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