Spring's Awakening
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Frog Haiku Poem 10

Spring’s Awakening

Spring rain gently falls,
Frogs awaken, croaking loud,
Life stirs in the pond.
Frog Haiku Poem 10


The haiku “Spring’s Awakening” captures the essence of spring’s arrival. It begins with a gentle spring rain, setting a soothing and refreshing scene. This rainfall awakens the frogs, who respond with loud croaking, adding vitality to the atmosphere. The final line, “Life stirs in the pond,” signifies the revival of nature, with the pond becoming a hub of activity and new life. This haiku portrays the rejuvenating power of spring, where rain and the sounds of nature collaborate to awaken the world from its winter slumber.

Inspirations Behind

While composing “Spring’s Awakening“, I was inspired by the rejuvenating power of spring. The gentle fall of rain and the lively chorus of frogs awakening brought to mind the vivid renewal of life in nature. I felt a sense of wonder and vitality, imagining the pond coming alive with activity, symbolizing a fresh start and the cyclical beauty of nature’s seasons. This scene filled me with a deep appreciation for the simple, yet profound awakening that spring brings each year.

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