Frog chilling in winter

Silence of Winter

Beneath ice, frogs sleep,
Dreaming in winter's silence,
Waiting for the thaw.
Silence of Winter


The haiku “Silence of Winter” captures the dormant state of nature during winter. It describes frogs sleeping beneath the ice, a scene that conveys stillness and hibernation. The frogs are depicted as dreaming, suggesting a peaceful, restful state in the quiet of winter. The final line, “Waiting for the thaw,” implies anticipation for the end of winter and the arrival of warmer seasons. This haiku portrays winter not just as a cold and inactive period, but as a time of rest and quiet anticipation in the natural world.

Inspirations Behind

While writing “Silence of Winter“, I was inspired by the tranquil stillness of winter. The image of frogs sleeping beneath the ice, enveloped in the season’s quiet, evoked a sense of peaceful rest and the natural world’s pause. I felt a deep appreciation for the quiet beauty of winter, a time for rest and rejuvenation, and the subtle anticipation of nature awaiting the arrival of spring. This scene filled me with a sense of calm and the beauty found in nature’s cycles of rest and renewal.

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