A happy frog

Echoes from the Pond

In a secluded nook where willows weep,
Lies a hidden pond, so still, so deep.
Here, the echo of a lone frog's song
Ripples through the night, serene and long.

Beneath the moon's soft, silvery glow,
In waters dark, where hidden currents flow,
The frog's croon weaves a magic spell,
In this tranquil world, where quiet dwellers dwell.

With each harmonic leap and dive,
It sings of being alive.
In the pond's embrace, under starlit skies,
The frog's echoing song softly lies.

Around him, rushes whisper tales of yore,
Of frog kings and pond lore.
In this secluded, watery realm,
The frog's song is the helm.

Through the reeds, the night wind sighs,
Carrying the frog's tune under the skies.
Its melody a lullaby, gentle and fond,
An ode to the life in and beyond the pond.

As dawn breaks, the echoes fade,
In the light of a new day made.
But as twilight falls, and stars appear,
The frog's song again you'll hear.

So listen close to the pond's sweet refrain,
Where echoes of life and dreams remain.
In this quiet corner of the world so grand,
Resides the heart of the pond, serene and unplanned.
Echoes from the Pond


“Echoes from the Pond” is a poem that captures the serene and mystical essence of a secluded pond under the moonlight. Central to this setting is a lone frog, whose song reverberates through the night, creating a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere. The poem beautifully intertwines the frog’s melodic crooning with the natural elements of the pond, such as whispering rushes and the gentle night wind. This melody serves as a lullaby that celebrates the simplicity and beauty of pond life. The poem shifts from nighttime to dawn, indicating the cyclical nature of life at the pond, with the frog’s song as a constant, soothing presence. The overall theme is one of peace, harmony, and a deep connection with nature, embodied by the echoes of the frog’s song in this hidden, magical world.

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