Miscarriage Poems for Moms

Miscarriage Poems for Moms

Unheld Dreams

Tiny hopes that softly fled,
Silent cries, a lullaby,
Tender wishes left unsaid,
In the quiet night, they lie.

Empty arms and broken skies,
Love unspoken, dreams untold,
Through the tears, a mother's sighs,
In the shadows, grief unfolds.
The grief struck woman
The grief struck woman


This poem reflects the sorrow and unfulfilled dreams of a mother who has lost a child. It captures the pain and silent heartache of hopes that were never realized, portraying a tender yet profound sense of loss.

Inspiration Behind

I wrote this poem to honor the silent strength of mothers grieving for their unheld dreams. Their quiet sorrow and the love that remains unspoken inspired me. Short lines echo their delicate, yet enduring hopes.

Tears of Silent Goodbye

Softly falls the silent tear,
For dreams that could not stay,
Hopes that vanished, oh so near,
In shadows, lost away.

Empty cradle, empty room,
Love unspoken, silent grief,
Through the darkness, silent gloom,
A mother's heart finds no relief.

Farewell kisses, unseen skies,
Tiny footprints left behind,
In the silence, sorrow lies,
In memories intertwined.
Silent Tearfall
Silent Tearfall


This poem captures the unspoken sorrow and farewells of mothers experiencing miscarriage. It reflects the deep, silent pain and the unfulfilled dreams that linger in the shadows of their hearts.

Inspiration Behind

I wanted to give a voice to the silent farewells and unseen tears of mothers who have lost a child. The unspoken love and quiet grief inspired this poem. I aimed to honor their strength and the enduring memory of their little ones.

Lost Before Hello

Tiny heartbeat, silent song,
Gone before the world could know,
In the silence, moments long,
Lost before the first hello.

Cradle empty, dreams undone,
Tears that fall like morning dew,
Softly breaks the rising sun,
Yet the sorrow feels so new.

In my heart, you'll always stay,
Little one, though brief your glow,
In the night and every day,
Love for you will always flow.
Enduring Love
Enduring Love


This poem mourns the loss of a life that ended before it could begin, capturing the deep grief and unspoken love of a mother. It reflects on the emptiness and enduring sorrow of losing a child before they had the chance to say hello.

Inspiration Behind

I wanted to give voice to the silent grief of mothers who lost their babies too soon. Their enduring love and the dreams left unfulfilled inspired me to write this poem. It’s a tribute to their unspoken bond and lasting memory.

End Words

These Miscarriage Poems for Moms gently express the quiet sorrow and enduring love of mothers who have experienced miscarriage. Through simple, heartfelt lines, they honor the unspoken grief and the deep, lasting connection to the dreams and hopes that were lost too soon.

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