My Garden Poem
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My Garden

In the cradle of dawn, my garden sighs,
Soft murmurs of petals, under skies.
Green tendrils stretch, in light's gentle kiss,
A canvas of nature, brimming with bliss.

Tiny dewdrops, like jewels so fine,
Glisten on leaves, in the morning shine.
Butterflies dance, in a fluttering wave,
Their wings whisper tales, of the brave.

Sun's rays filter, through leaves above,
Casting shadows, in places I love.
The air is filled, with a sweet scent,
A perfumed breath, from flowers lent.

In my garden, life's pulse is found,
In every corner, beauty is bound.
It's a sanctuary, where peace resides,
A place of refuge, where love abides.

Fruits hang heavy, on boughs so green,
In this slice of heaven, serenity is seen.
My garden, a slice of earthly delight,
Where day meets night, in a gentle flight.
The lush green branches laden with fruits under the sun
The lush green branches laden with fruits under the sun


“My Garden” is a poem that celebrates the serenity and beauty found within the natural world of a garden. Each line explores the different elements that make a garden not just a place of aesthetic appeal, but a sanctuary for peace and a haven for various forms of life. From the dew-kissed morning petals to the dance of butterflies and the sweet fragrance that fills the air, the poem encapsulates the essence of a garden’s tranquil beauty and its role as a refuge where one can find solace and connection to nature.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by the simple joys that a garden brings. As I imagined walking through it at dawn, I saw the dance of light and shadow, felt the harmony of colors, and the soft symphony of nature’s sounds. This garden isn’t just a plot of land; it’s a testament to the quiet strength and resilience of life. Capturing its essence in a poem felt like painting with words, each line a brushstroke adding depth and emotion to this vivid picture of tranquility and beauty.

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