Poems to Mom from Son in Heaven
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Poems to Mom from Son in Heaven

Waiting in Heaven’s Light

In soft glow above, where angels fly,
I wait for you, where stars never die.
Each dawn here is a painted sky,
And love's not bound by the by and by.

Here in light, where quiet reigns,
Beyond the touch of worldly pains,
Each sunset spills its golden grains—
This celestial place, where peace sustains.

Fear not the wait, nor time’s long chart,
For here, I hold you in my heart.
Through Heaven's fields, we'll someday dart,
In joyful reunion, we’ll restart.

So, mother dear, feel my joy so bright,
In this eternal, loving light.
We’ll meet again, in this splendid sight,
In Heaven’s embrace, all will be right.
Joyful Meadows
Joyful Meadows
The son is gazing at a distant, starry sky
The son is gazing at a distant, starry sky


“Waiting in Heaven’s Light” portrays a son’s serene assurance to his mother, communicated from his tranquil abode in heaven. The poem encapsulates the son’s patient wait within the ethereal realms, free from the suffering and confines of earthly existence. Through vivid imagery of endless days and golden sunsets, the son conveys a heartfelt promise of a joyful reunion, offering solace and a vision of eternal peace and joy that they will share.

Inspiration Behind

As I penned this poem, I pictured a serene landscape bathed in golden light—endless and unchanging. I imagined the soothing calmness enveloping the son as he speaks to his mother across the divide, his words floating gently. The picture in my mind was clear: fields of light where they would run freely together, their spirits alight with happiness. This vision of an undying bond and eternal reunion painted each line with hopeful hues.

Dreams of You

In dreams, I come, not seen but felt,
A gentle touch, a warmth that melts.
Across the veil, my love extends,
In night-time sighs, our spirits blend.

With moonlit beams, I brush your cheek,
In silent words, I softly speak.
A message borne on starry seas,
"I'm here, I'm peace, be still, at ease."

Each dream, a bridge from you to me,
Where love flows vast, where souls fly free.
I dance in your slumber's gentle weave,
With every breath you take and heave.

Hold these dreams close, let them renew,
For in each one, I'm there with you.
Through sleep's soft folds, our reunion's due,
Mom, in dreams, I'm loving you.
The son gently touching his mother
The son gently touching his mother
The son and his mother walk hand in hand
The son and his mother walk hand in hand


“Dreams of You” explores the profound connection between a son in heaven and his mother, communicated through dreams. The poem illustrates how the son visits his mother each night, offering solace and messages of eternal love and peace. Through gentle, dreamlike imagery, the poem suggests that their bond transcends the physical world, providing comfort and a sense of closeness in the quiet hours of the night.

Inspiration Behind

As I crafted this poem, I envisioned the quiet, mystical union of mother and son within the soft, serene world of dreams. The image of moonlight and starry seas came to me, symbolizing the celestial pathway between them. The idea was to capture the tender and healing nature of their nightly meetings, painting each verse with the gentle strokes of love and tranquility that dreams might carry.

Echoes of Laughter

In skies above, I laugh with you,
Our joyous echoes paint the blue.
The games we played, the races run,
Still shine as bright as morning sun.

I toss a star for you to catch,
In dreams, we find our perfect match.
Our giggles drift on cosmic breeze,
From heaven's gate to earthly trees.

Each chuckle shared, each smile we made,
Are gems in night, not prone to fade.
They twinkle down through time and space,
To light your world, to warm your face.

Remember laughs, not tears, my cue,
For in each joy, my love’s renewed.
With every giggle, feel my touch,
In laughter's glow, I love you much.
Stellar Play
Stellar Play
Heavenly Chase
Heavenly Chase


“Echoes of Laughter” reminisces about the joyful and playful moments shared between a son and his mother, emphasizing that these cherished memories continue to brighten the mother’s life even after the son’s departure to heaven. The poem highlights their shared laughter and joyful interactions as enduring connections that traverse the boundary between the earthly and the celestial.

Inspiration Behind

While writing this poem, I imagined a celestial playground where laughter and joy are immortal, echoing through the cosmos. The image of tossing stars and shared giggles drifting like a breeze through the universe inspired each line, aiming to capture the everlasting impact of joyful memories on our hearts and the comforting idea that love and laughter are eternal.

Flowers from Heaven

From heaven's gardens, high and wide,
I send you flowers, with love inside.
Each petal soft, each hue so bright,
Carries my heart through day and night.

Look for the roses in your dreams,
Lilies that float on morning beams.
Violets blue as the endless sky,
Daisies that wink as clouds roll by.

Each blossom brings a part of me,
In fragrant notes of memory.
With every scent, feel my caress,
In floral hues, my love's expressed.

When blooms appear on your path, know
It’s me, in petals' gentle show.
Mom, in each flower, find my trace,
My love's soft touch, my warm embrace.
Starry violets and bluebells from son in heaven
Starry violets and bluebells from son in heaven


“Flowers from Heaven” is a heartfelt poem where a son sends down flowers from heaven as tokens of his enduring love and presence to his mother. Each line is imbued with the symbolism of different flowers, representing aspects of his love, ensuring his mother feels his continued presence and affection through the beauty and fragrance of these celestial blossoms.

Inspiration Behind

Writing this poem, I envisioned a heavenly garden lush with vibrant flowers, each chosen and sent with intent by the son to his mother on Earth. I felt as if I were picking each bloom personally, infusing it with sentiments of love and nostalgia. The image of these flowers drifting down from the skies, landing softly in the mother’s life, filled me with a sense of enduring connection and tender care.

End Words

These Poems to Mom from Son in Heaven offer a gentle and comforting perspective on the enduring connection between a son in heaven and his mother on earth. Through symbolic imagery of light, flowers, and celestial landscapes, each piece tenderly explores themes of everlasting love, serene reassurance, and joyful memories. The poems aim to provide solace by illustrating how bonds of affection transcend physical separation, continuing to manifest in both subtle and profound ways in everyday life.

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