Pre-K Graduation Poems From Teacher

Pre-K Graduation Poems From Teacher

Journey Through the Alphabet

A is for Apple, bright and sweet,
B is the Buzz of busy bee feet.
C for the Crayons, colors so bold,
D dreams of Dinosaurs, brave and old.

E echoes with laughter, F flies a kite,
G glimmers like stars in the night.
H hops like a bunny, I inches along,
J for the Joy in our sing-along.

K kicks a ball, L loves to play,
M, N, O—our Alphabet day!
P paints pictures, Q's a queen,
R races rockets, S streams serene.

T talks of tigers, tails and all,
U under umbrellas when raindrops fall.
V views the valleys, W waves at the sea,
X marks the spot where treasure might be.

Y yearns for yesterday’s yum and zest,
Z zips to the zenith, our ABC quest.
Apple Adventures in Learning
Apple Adventures in Learning
Starry Night Stories
Starry Night Stories


“Journey Through the Alphabet” reflects on the joyous and educational moments of learning each letter with a classroom of young students. The poem captures the essence of adventure and discovery as each letter brings new stories and experiences, shaping the early educational journey of the children.

Inspiration Behind

Inspired by my days in the classroom, watching the wonder in the children’s eyes as they discovered new words and worlds within the folds of the alphabet. Each stanza recalls a special memory associated with a particular letter, crafting a tapestry of learning and joy that fills a preschooler’s day.

Our Year in Color

Red painted rockets, zooming to the moon,
Orange leaves in autumn, danced to a tune.
Yellow sunflowers tall, waving at the sun,
Green grass stains, after playground fun.

Blue waves on paper, our ocean so wide,
Indigo night skies, where moonbeams hide.
Violet flowers, in our springtime mural,
Colors blending, in moments so plural.

Every hue, a memory, a treasure so bold,
In our year of colors, stories told.
Together we painted, a bright, vivid arc,
In colors that left, an indelible mark.
Mural of Memories
Mural of Memories


“Our Year in Color” celebrates the colorful projects and activities that marked the school year, each color representing a special memory and learning experience. The poem serves as a vivid reflection on how these colors have brightened their days and brought the classroom community together.

Inspiration Behind

Inspired by the vivid creativity seen in the classroom, where every project and activity was more than just an assignment; they were opportunities for joy and bonding. Each line in the poem encapsulates a different project, reflecting the energy and creativity of young learners exploring their world through color.

The Magic of First Friends

In our room, magic brewed,
First friendships formed, and grew.
Shared toys and secrets, small,
Together we'd laugh, we'd fall.

A spell of giggles, a potion of play,
Building blocks, crafting our way.
A charm of cheers, a whisper of words,
In every corner, laughter was heard.

Hand in hand, spells were cast,
First friends found, sure to last.
Through every rhyme, beneath every star,
Here we learned what true friends are.
Building Friendships
Building Friendships


“The Magic of First Friends” celebrates the enchanting connections made between children as they navigate their first social interactions in school. Each line reflects on the joy and simplicity of these early friendships that form a foundational part of their social development.

Inspiration Behind

Inspired by the observation of my young students as they discovered the joy of making friends. This poem captures the essence of their laughter, shared experiences, and the heartfelt bonds that start in the classroom but extend far beyond its walls.

Circle Time Farewell

Circle time ends, our sweet daily song,
Stories and secrets, where all belong.
We sat in a ring, we sang out our part,
Every tale shared, straight from the heart.

Books full of wonders, songs filled with cheer,
Moments so precious, year after year.
Now as we part, keep these memories dear,
Echoes of laughter, joy we revere.

Thank you, dear circle, for the fun we found,
For the magic spun, all year around.
Here's our goodbye, with smiles so bright,
Circle time ends, but our hearts hold tight.
Circle of Stories
Circle of Stories


“Circle Time Farewell” is a heartfelt tribute to the cherished moments of circle time in a preschool classroom, highlighting the songs, stories, and sense of community it fostered among the children. The poem expresses gratitude for the joy and learning experienced together.

Inspiration Behind

Inspired by the endearing scenes of circle time, where children and teachers gather to share stories and songs, forming bonds and creating memories. This poem captures the bittersweet farewell to these daily gatherings, celebrating their impact on young lives.

End Words

These Pre-K Graduation Poems From Teacher reflect the poignant yet joyful experiences of early childhood education, capturing the essence of learning and friendship within a preschool environment. Through the simple pleasures of circle time, the magic of first friendships, and the vibrant explorations of color and the alphabet, each piece highlights the fundamental steps of growth and discovery. They serve as gentle reminders of the significant milestones and shared moments that shape young minds, fostering a sense of wonder and community that endures well beyond the classroom.

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