Pre-K Graduation Poems

Pre-K Graduation Poems

Caps Off to Kindergarten!

Hooray! Hooray! It’s our big day!
Caps on our heads, we’re on our way!
No more naps, it's time to play,
Kindergarten starts today!

Look at us, all proud and tall,
From blocks to books, we’ll learn it all.
Bye-bye Pre-K, thanks for the fun,
Hello big school, here we come!
First Steps to Big School
First Steps to Big School


This poem celebrates the excitement and pride of young children graduating from preschool and looking forward to starting kindergarten. It captures their eagerness to learn and grow, marking the transition from playful, carefree days to the new adventures of elementary school.

Inspiration Behind

I thought about the joyous spirit of little kids on graduation day, their gleeful shouts and the pride in their little achievements. It’s a big moment, stepping from the familiar little world into the vast, exciting one of ‘big kid’ school. I imagined their tiny graduation caps and the smiles of their families, all these little moments of joy weaving into this poem.

Little Graduates, Big Dreams

We did it, we did it, with a cheer and a shout!
Toys in the corner, school books come out.
From painting to counting, we've had such fun,
Now onto grade one, our journey's begun!

High fives all around, let's jump and spin,
A whole world of learning is waiting within.
Goodbye, little chairs; hello, big dreams,
We're ready for more than it seems!
New Adventures Await
New Adventures Await


This poem reflects the jubilant emotions of preschool children as they celebrate their graduation, ready to embark on the next phase of their educational journey. It captures their pride in their accomplishments and excitement about moving on to new challenges.

Inspiration Behind

I pictured the energetic buzz of young kids at their graduation ceremony, full of life and not fully grasping the significance of their achievements but feeling the excitement in the air. The poem echoes their playful spirit and readiness to explore more complex worlds of learning.

Little Steps, Big Leaps

Yay for us, we've grown so tall!
Learning's fun, we love our hall.
Alphabet songs, we sang them clear,
Numbers count, we give a cheer!

Goodbye hugs, we'll miss you so,
Adventure calls, it's time to go.
New friends to make, new games to play,
Hello big school, we're on our way!
Song of Learning
Song of Learning


This poem encapsulates the excitement and a touch of nostalgia that young children feel as they graduate from preschool. It highlights their educational milestones and readiness to embrace new challenges in a bigger school environment.

Inspiration Behind

Inspired by the energy and innocence of young children at their graduation, this poem reflects their enthusiasm for learning and their mixed feelings about moving on. The poem imagines their proud little voices excitedly anticipating what’s next, while also cherishing the memories they’ve made.

End Words

These Pre-K Graduation Poems celebrate the significant milestone of preschool graduation, capturing the joy, excitement, and pride of young learners as they transition from the playful, nurturing environment of preschool to the more structured world of elementary school. Through simple, cheerful rhymes, they reflect the emotions and experiences typical of this early educational journey, highlighting the enthusiasm for learning and new friendships that lie ahead. Each poem serves as a charming tribute to these early steps in a child’s academic and social development.

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