Mother Poems for Kindergarten

Mother Poems for Kindergarten

Mommy’s Hugs Are Magic

Mommy's hugs are magic,
They chase away the fear,
With her arms around me,
The world's a place that's dear.

When I fall and scrape my knee,
Her hug dries every tear,
Her loving touch can mend it all,
And bring the sunshine near.

In her hug, I feel the love,
So warm and safe inside,
No monster or a stormy night,
Can take away my pride.

Her hug is like a cozy quilt,
That wraps me snug and tight,
With Mommy’s hugs, I find my peace,
And dream sweet dreams at night.

When the day is long and tough,
Her hug's a gentle touch,
It makes me smile, it gives me strength,
I love her, oh so much.
Safe and Snug
Safe and Snug


This poem highlights the comforting and loving power of a mother’s hug from the perspective of a young child. It emphasizes the safety, warmth, and unconditional love that children feel when embraced by their mothers.

Inspiration Behind

I wrote this poem to capture the pure and simple feelings of a child finding comfort in their mother’s arms. I thought about the universal experience of feeling safe and loved by our moms. I wanted to show the magic that children see in their mother’s hugs.

My Mom, My Hero

My mom is my hero,
She's brave and strong each day,
She kisses bumps and scrapes away,
And always knows what to say.

She chases monsters from my room,
With a smile and a hug so tight,
She lights up every corner,
And makes everything feel right.

With her, I feel so special,
Loved more than I can see,
My mom is my hero,
She's everything to me.
Heroic Mom
Heroic Mom


This poem is an enthusiastic celebration of a child’s admiration for their mother. It highlights the everyday heroics of a mom, from comforting minor injuries to making a child feel safe and loved.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by the simple yet powerful ways mothers show their love and strength every day. I wanted to capture the admiration children have for their moms and the sense of security they bring.

Mum’s the Word

Mum's the word, our secret game,
We have codes and funny names,
A wink or nod, a special grin,
Our secret world, where we both win.

She knows my thoughts before I speak,
Her smile, it makes my knees go weak,
We laugh and play, we understand,
Our silly jokes, our little land.

Together we're a perfect pair,
With secret codes, we always share,
Mum's the word, just her and me,
Our bond as strong as it can be.
Secret Game
Secret Game


This poem celebrates the special bond between a mother and her child, focusing on the playful secrets and codes they share. It highlights the joy and connection that come from their unique relationship.

Inspiration Behind

I thought about the fun and playful side of the mother-child relationship. I wanted to capture the delight in shared secrets and silly games that create a strong bond between them.

End Words

These Mother Poems for Kindergarten celebrate the special bond between mothers and their children, capturing moments of love, comfort, and playful connection. They highlight the everyday heroics, secret games, and deep affection that make the mother-child relationship so unique and cherished.

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