A young dear in a wintry forest
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Snowy Deer

In the silent snow,
A deer stands, serene and still,
Winter's quiet grace.
Snowy deer


This haiku “Snowy Deer” paints a tranquil picture of a deer in a snowy landscape. The first line, “In the silent snow,” sets the scene of a peaceful, snow-covered environment. The second line, “A deer stands, serene and still,” focuses on the deer, depicted as an embodiment of calmness and grace amidst the winter setting. The final line, “Winter’s quiet grace,” captures the essence of the scene, where the deer and the snow together symbolize the gentle elegance of the winter season.

Inspirations Behind

While composing this haiku, I envisioned a solitary deer in a vast, snow-blanketed forest. The stillness of the scene struck me profoundly. The deer, poised and undisturbed, seemed to be at one with the winter landscape. Its gentle presence amidst the quiet of the falling snow brought a sense of peace and harmony. This imagery led me to capture the moment in the succinct and evocative form of a 5-7-5 syllable haiku, emphasizing the serene beauty of nature in winter.

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