Dear on a freezing lake
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Frozen Lake Deer

On ice, still and clear,
A deer pauses, reflecting,
Winter's mirror, sheer.
Frozen lake deer


This haiku “Frozen Lake Deer” captures a moment of stillness and reflection, both literal and metaphorical, on a frozen lake. The first line, “On ice, still and clear,” sets the scene with the imagery of a pristine frozen lake. The second line, “A deer pauses, reflecting,” not only describes the deer’s physical stance but also hints at a moment of contemplation. The final line, “Winter’s mirror, sheer,” conveys the idea of the ice acting as a mirror, reflecting the deer and the stark beauty of the winter landscape.

Inspirations Behind

As I envisioned this scene, the image of a lone deer standing on the vast expanse of a frozen lake came to mind. The stillness of the lake, resembling a vast, unblemished mirror, contrasted with the gentle, cautious steps of the deer. This scene, so serene and contemplative, seemed to capture a moment of nature in quiet harmony. The haiku form allowed me to distill this imagery into a concise yet evocative expression, reflecting the simplicity and beauty of the winter landscape.

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