A wintry morning
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Winter Morning Breeze

Crystal whispers glide,
On a frost-kissed morning breeze,
Winter's breath so light.
Winter morning breeze


This “Winter Morning Breeze” haiku captures the essence of a serene winter morning. The imagery of “crystal whispers” evokes the delicate, almost imperceptible sound of moving ice crystals or snowflakes, while “frost-kissed morning breeze” suggests the gentle, chilly caress of winter air. The final line, “Winter’s breath so light,” personifies the season, portraying it as exhaling a soft, subtle breath, encapsulating the quiet, tranquil atmosphere of a winter dawn.

Inspirations Behind

As I penned this haiku, I found myself transported to a tranquil winter morning. The world outside seemed frozen in time, with each element – the frost, the gentle breeze, the muted sounds – coming together to create a moment of peaceful solitude. The imagery of the “crystal whispers” came to me as I imagined the faint sound of snowflakes dancing in the air, so light yet so profound. The “frost-kissed morning breeze” was inspired by the first breath of cold air that greets you when you step outside, a reminder of the season’s crisp beauty. The haiku form, with its 5-7-5 syllable structure, felt perfect to convey these fleeting yet memorable winter moments.

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