Snow angel poem

Snow Angel

In winter's breath, 'neath diamond skies,
Where whispers dance, and cold air lies,
A child's laughter, pure and bright,
Crafts angels in the snow, so white.

Beneath the moon's soft, silver glow,
In fields where icy breezes blow,
A figure forms, with wings outspread,
A snowy bed, an angel's bed.

With hands that shape the winter's lace,
Each feather traced in cold embrace,
In silent joy, the child plays,
Creating dreams in winter's haze.

As stars above in vigil keep,
The snow angel in peaceful sleep,
A memory in winter's hold,
A story through the ages told.

Following is a rendition of the poem.


Snow Angel poem captures the serene beauty of a winter night, where under the twinkling stars and the gentle light of the moon, a child creates an angel in the snow. The poem paints a picture of innocence and joy, as the child engages in this timeless winter activity. Each verse reflects the child’s careful creation of the snow angel, emphasizing the connection between the child and the winter landscape. The image of the snow angel becomes a lasting memory, a symbol of purity and the simple pleasures of childhood.

Inspirations Behind

As I penned “Snow Angel,” I was transported back to my own childhood winters. The crisp air, the untouched snow, and the magic of the night sky always filled me with wonder. I remember the feeling of lying in the snow, moving my arms and legs, and creating my own snow angel. It was a moment of pure happiness and creativity. This poem is a tribute to those moments, a celebration of the joy and simplicity found in winter’s embrace. The snow angel is not just a figure in the snow; it’s a symbol of the childlike wonder that we all carry within us.

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