To My Daughter, With Love poem
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To My Daughter With Love

For you, my child, a verse of light,
Words woven with care, soft and bright.
Each line, a hug, each rhyme, a kiss,
In this poem, my endless bliss.

Your laughter, a melody so sweet,
In your happiness, my heart finds its beat.
Through trials and triumphs, thick and thin,
My love for you, an endless spin.

May your path be gentle, your burdens light,
With stars to guide you through the night.
In every step, in every move,
To my daughter, with love, I'll always prove.
Storytime Warmth
Storytime Warmth


“To My Daughter, With Love” is a heartfelt tribute from a parent to their daughter, expressing the deep and enduring love they hold for her. Through the imagery of light, melody, and celestial guidance, the poem encapsulates the myriad of wishes, hopes, and promises a parent has for their child. It’s a declaration of unwavering support and a reflection on the joy that the daughter brings into their life, emphasizing that no matter the journey ahead, the love shared is constant and unchanging.

Dad teaching kid to ride bicycle
Learning together

Inspiration Behind

Inspired by the quiet moments of reflection on the journey of parenthood, this poem emerged as a love letter to my daughter. It’s born from the realization of how swiftly time passes and the deep desire to encapsulate the multitude of emotions felt towards her into words. Watching her grow, laugh, and navigate the world, I wanted to create something that could serve as both a beacon and a reminder of the love that surrounds her, a testament to the light she brings into my life.

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