Daughter in the Meadow's Embrace Poem
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Daughter in the Meadow’s Embrace

In fields wide and open,
Where wildflowers sway,
Your laughter, a token
Of joy, in bright display.

Beneath the vast sky,
With the wind in your hair,
Time seems to fly,
In the meadow's care.

Footprints in green,
A path you alone choose,
In this serene scene,
Your spirit, free, suffuse.
A young girl joyfully walking through a meadow filled with wildflowers
A young girl joyfully walking through a meadow filled with wildflowers


“Daughter in the Meadow’s Embrace” captures a moment of pure freedom and joy experienced by a daughter amidst the beauty of a meadow. It reflects on the simple, yet profound, pleasures of childhood—running freely, laughter that fills the air, and the intimate connection with nature. This poem symbolizes the journey of growth and self-discovery, marked by footprints in the green, as the daughter navigates her path under the open sky.

Inspiration Behind

Inspired by watching my daughter play in a field one afternoon, this poem came to life. The sight of her, so small yet so vibrant against the vastness of the meadow, struck a chord. It was as if the meadow itself was a guardian, watching over her, allowing her the freedom to explore, to laugh, and to simply be. This poem is a tribute to those moments of unbridled joy and the beautiful journey of watching her grow, set against the backdrop of nature’s nurturing embrace.

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