The War Works Hard Poem

The War Works Hard

The war works hard, tirelessly so,
Shaping destinies with its heavy hands.
It carves out paths where none should go,
Turning homelands into divided lands.

It wakes the dawn with cries, not light,
Feeds on dreams, spitting out despair.
In its grip, day is as dark as night,
It plants seeds of sorrow everywhere.

Families torn, futures frayed at the seams,
It engineers loss, masters in grief.
Stealing the fabric of a thousand dreams,
A relentless thief, beyond belief.

Yet, amid ruins, resilience is born,
Spirits, though battered, refuse to yield.
From the war’s hard work, hope is drawn,
In the wasteland, a stronger field.

The war works hard, but so do hearts,
Mending what's broken, starting anew.
For every end, a beginning starts,
From the ashes, life finds its cue.
A war-torn family hoping for a new future
A family silhouetted against the dawn of a new beginning


This poem “The War Works Hard” explores the paradox of how the relentless destruction and sorrow caused by war also give rise to unexpected resilience and hope. Each line delves into the devastating impact of war on daily life, families, and futures, yet it subtly shifts to highlight the indomitable spirit of those affected. It’s a testament to human strength, the ability to mend and rebuild amidst ruins, and the eventual emergence of hope from despair.

Planting a tree in a war-torn field
Planting a tree in a war-torn field

Inspiration Behind

I pictured a landscape scarred by conflict, yet I couldn’t ignore the sprouts of green amidst the grey. It was the resilience I saw in stories of those who lived through wars that inspired me. Their ability to start anew, despite everything, seemed like a powerful counter-narrative to the destruction. The poem is my way of capturing that dual reality—the harsh work of war, but also the incredible work of the human spirit.

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