A winter window

Delicate Dance of Frost

Upon the pane, a dance does trace,
Frost's fine fingers in delicate grace.
A ballet of ice, so light, so deft,
Leaving crystal patterns, weave and weft.

In the hush of dawn, cold and sheer,
Each tiny etching, intricate and clear.
With every breath, the glass does mist,
And frost responds with an artist's twist.

A waltz of white in the morning's glow,
Nature's own performance, a silent show.
The sun ascends, its warmth does cast,
And the dancers melt, their moment passed.

But in their passing, beauty lingers on,
A memory of the dance, though they are gone.
For every night, when the world is lost,
The stage is set for the dance of frost.
Delicate Dance of Frost


Delicate Dance of Frost” paints a vivid image of frost patterns forming on a windowpane. The poem personifies frost as a graceful dancer, tracing elaborate designs in a quiet morning performance. The temporary nature of this art form is highlighted, emphasizing the fleeting beauty of frost’s intricate work, which disappears with the morning sun.

Inspirations Behind

As the cold breathed upon the window, I watched the frost work its silent magic, creating a tapestry of ice that seemed alive. It was as if each morning brought a new piece of ephemeral art, a delicate dance performed by the chill of the night, only to be undone by the warmth of the sun. This fleeting beauty inspired me to capture the essence of frost’s transient ballet in verse.

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