Winter poems for kindergarten

Winter Poems for Kindergarten

Snowy Day Parade

Look outside, what do you see?
A world of white, as fresh as can be.
Snowflakes falling, one by two,
Dressing the earth in a coat so new.

Let’s wear our boots, our hats, and gloves,
And explore the world that winter loves.
We’ll march in a snowy day parade,
In the sparkling wonder that the snowflakes made.

Snow angels here, a snowman there,
Laughter ringing through the chilly air.
Each flake a friend, each gust a tune,
Under the bright, smiling winter moon.

Whispering Woods in Snow

The Mitten Tree

In the heart of our winter play land,
Stands a tree, tall and grand.
Covered in mittens of every hue,
Red, yellow, green, and blue.

When the cold wind starts to blow,
To the mitten tree, we go.
Warm our hands, one and all,
Winter's chill won't make us fall.

Little birds come to see,
Our colorful mitten tree.
They chirp and dance with glee,
In this winter jubilee.

Tiny Snowflakes of Frosty

Frosty’s here, can you see?
Bringing tiny snowflakes just for me.
Each one special, unique, and light,
Dancing in the air, so bright.

We catch them softly in our hands,
As they land from snowy lands.
Frosty winks and smiles wide,
In this wonderful wintertime ride.

Let’s twirl around, fast and free,
In this snowy, frosty sea.
With each flake, we laugh and play,
In our kindergarten winter ballet.
Journey Through the Starry Snow


The three winter-themed poems for kindergarten children each capture a unique aspect of the winter season’s magic and wonder.

  1. Snowy Day Parade: This poem invites children into a whimsical, snowy landscape. It emphasizes the joy of playing in the snow, making snow angels, and building snowmen. The imagery of a “snowy day parade” conveys a sense of community and shared happiness among children as they explore and enjoy the winter wonderland.
  2. The Mitten Tree: Set against the backdrop of a colorful mitten-covered tree, this poem celebrates warmth and the spirit of winter play. The mittens symbolize comfort and camaraderie, while the interaction with nature and the playful birds adds a sense of harmony and delight.
  3. Tiny Snowflakes of Frosty: This poem is a gentle ode to the beauty of individual snowflakes and the joy they bring. Personifying winter through the character of Frosty, it introduces a magical element to the experience of catching snowflakes. The poem encourages children to revel in the simple pleasures of winter and to embrace the season with excitement and happiness.

Together, these poems aim to inspire a love for winter among kindergarten children, highlighting the season’s playful activities, the beauty of nature in winter, and the shared experiences of joy and wonder.

Inspirations Behind

While crafting “Snowy Day Parade,” “The Mitten Tree,” and “Tiny Snowflakes of Frosty,” I was inspired by the sheer delight and wonder that winter brings to young children. The first poem reflects the joyous energy seen in children as they explore a snow-covered world, reveling in its novelty and beauty. “The Mitten Tree” was inspired by the warmth and color that small things like mittens bring to the starkness of winter, symbolizing comfort and togetherness. Lastly, “Tiny Snowflakes of Frosty,” came from observing the fascination children have with the unique, delicate nature of snowflakes and their playful interactions with these tiny wonders. These poems are a homage to the enchanting simplicity of winter as seen through the eyes of a child, where every snowfall is a new adventure and every cold day brings its own cozy charm.

Enjoy some poems here.

End Words

The winter poems for kindergarten – “Snowy Day Parade,” “The Mitten Tree,” and “Tiny Snowflakes of Frosty” – encapsulates the essence of winter’s magic as perceived through the eyes of young children. Each poem is a vivid tapestry of winter’s unique joys: the exhilarating playfulness in the snow, the comforting warmth amidst the cold, and the enchanting beauty of nature’s wintry transformations. They serve as a celebration of the season, highlighting how even the simplest aspects of winter can spark immense joy and wonder in children. These poems aim to nurture a love for the winter season, fostering an appreciation for its distinct charm and the special moments it creates for children.

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