A fog under a willow tree

Beneath the Willow’s Shade

Beneath the willow's gentle sway and shade,
Where dappled sun through dancing leaves invade,
A little frog finds solace, cool and sweet,
In this tranquil, hidden, green retreat.

Among the roots, where earth and water blend,
Its days in quiet contemplation spend.
The willow whispers secrets, old and wise,
Beneath the watchful gaze of azure skies.

In shadows cast by willow's tender arms,
The frog beholds the world's serene charms.
The rustling leaves sing lullabies of peace,
In this soft haven, all tumults cease.

As evening falls, the frog begins to croon,
A melody beneath the rising moon.
Under the willow's shade, life moves with grace,
In this small corner of the world's embrace.


“Beneath the Willow’s Shade” is a 16-line poem that portrays the peaceful existence of a frog living under the protective canopy of a willow tree. The poem beautifully captures the tranquility and comfort found in this natural shelter, where the interplay of light and shadow creates a serene environment. The willow tree, with its whispering leaves and wise presence, provides a backdrop of calm and wisdom. The poem emphasizes the harmony between the frog and its surroundings, highlighting moments of quiet contemplation and the gentle lullabies sung by the rustling leaves. As night falls, the frog’s own song blends with the moonlit scene, symbolizing a life lived in graceful harmony with nature. The overall theme of the poem is one of peace, serenity, and the simple beauty of a life intertwined with the natural world.

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