Frog enjoying summer bath

Summer Sunlit Leap

Summer's Warmth Embraced,
Frogs leap in sun-kissed waters,
Joy in every splash.
Summer Sunlit Leap of a frog
Sunlit Leap of a frog


The haiku “Summer Sunlit Leap” encapsulates the essence of summer through the activities of frogs. It describes a scene where frogs are actively leaping in waters warmed by the summer sun, with each splash representing joy and vitality. The haiku conveys the lively energy and brightness of summer, highlighting the playful and spirited nature of frogs as they interact with their sunlit environment.

Inspirations Behind

While writing “Summer Sunlit Leap“, I was inspired by the vibrant energy of summer. The image of frogs joyfully leaping in the warm, sunlit waters brought a sense of liveliness and playfulness to mind. I felt a connection to the carefree spirit of summer, where every splash in the water under the bright sun seemed to celebrate the season’s warmth and abundance. This scene filled me with a sense of joy and the simple pleasures that come with sunny days.

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