The Frog in the Swimming Pool

The Frog in the Swimming Pool

In the shimmering cool of a man-made pool,
A visitor came, a rule-breaking fool.
A frog with a splash, in chlorine's embrace,
Finding himself in a curious place.

No lily pads here, nor soft, muddy bed,
Just tiles in blue, and pool noodles instead.
He paddled with legs in a freestyle race,
In this liquid square, his new-found space.

No insects to catch, no reeds to explore,
Just echoes of laughter and the distant roar
Of children at play in summer's bright zeal,
Unaware of the frog turning heel.

He seemed quite content in this splashy domain,
A wild heart captured, yet not in disdain.
For even in places we're not meant to be,
Life finds a way, a way to be free.

So here's to the frog in the swimming pool's wave,
A leap of faith that the adventurous crave.
May his strokes be strong, his spirit bold,
In the chlorinated waters, oddly cold.

You can listen to the audio version of the poem here.


The poem tells the tale of a frog that unexpectedly finds itself in a swimming pool, a place far different from its natural pond habitat. Despite the unnatural setting, the frog adapts and seems to enjoy the new environment, swimming amidst the blue tiles and pool toys. This amphibious guest represents adaptability and the spirit of adventure, reminding us that life can thrive even in the most unexpected places.

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