Black Mother Praying Poem

Black Mother Praying

Night grows deep, she kneels,
Her hopes and fears, she gently reveals.

Hands clasped tight, eyes closed in grace,
Strength and love etched on her face.

For her children, prayers ascend,
Guidance and peace, she does send.

Through trials faced, her spirit stays,
Steadfast, she lifts her voice in praise.

In every breath, a silent plea,
For safety, joy, and unity.

Her faith a beacon, shining bright,
In her prayers, she finds her might.

She asks for strength to guide their way,
To shield them through each coming day.

Through pain and joy, she stands tall,
A mother’s love, enduring all.

Her prayers like rivers, ever flowing,
With each word, her heart is showing.

In her eyes, the future gleams,
Built on hopes and sacred dreams.

Through her prayers, the world is mended,
A black mother’s love, unending.

Every night, her faith takes flight,
A black mother praying, through the night.
Night of Prayers
Night of Prayers
Strength in Faith
Strength in Faith


Black Mother Praying poem honors the quiet strength and unwavering faith of a Black mother as she prays for her children’s well-being. It reflects the deep love and hope she holds for their future, finding power in her prayers.

Inspiration Behind

I was inspired by the resilience and spiritual strength of Black mothers. This poem pays tribute to their enduring love and the vital role prayer plays in their lives and the lives of their children.

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