Negro Mother Poems

Negro Mother Poems

The Negro Mother’s Song

Amid the night’s tranquility, my dear,
I sing a song for you to hear.
A melody of dreams so grand,
Of freedom's touch and justice's hand.

I hum of times when chains were tight,
And we fought bravely for our right.
Of heroes past whose spirits soared,
In the face of hatred they roared.

With every note, I wish for peace,
A world where love and hate can cease.
Where dreams are not deferred or lost,
But bloom and flourish without cost.

I sing of days when you'll stand tall,
With courage strong and never fall.
In every struggle, hold your ground,
Let hope and faith always be found.

So close your eyes and dream with me,
Of a future bright and free.
For you, my child, will make it true,
The dream of freedom, pure and new.
Dreams of Tomorrow
Dreams of Tomorrow


“The Negro Mother’s Song” expresses an African American mother’s hopes and dreams for her child’s future, filled with freedom and equality. It is a lullaby of resilience, courage, and unwavering faith in a better tomorrow.

Inspiration Behind

I imagined a mother, late at night, singing softly to her child. She reflects on the past struggles and dreams of a brighter future. Her song is a blend of sorrow, hope, and determination, passing down the legacy of strength.

Suffering for Centuries

From shores unknown to chains so tight,
We bore the weight of endless night.
Through centuries of pain and strife,
We fought to claim our rightful life.

With every tear and every sigh,
We held our children, aiming high.
In fields and homes, we toiled away,
Dreaming of a brighter day.

Our voices strong, our spirits high,
We never ceased to ask for why.
In silence deep, our hopes were born,
From dawn to dusk, we faced the storm.

Though shackles tried to bind our will,
Our hearts stayed true, our hands stayed still.
We nurtured dreams in darkest hours,
And drew on strength from hidden powers.

For centuries, we bore the flame,
Of freedom’s call and justice's name.
Our legacy, of strength and grace,
Endures within our children's face.
Endless Night
Endless Night


“Suffering for Centuries” captures the enduring struggles and incredible resilience of African American mothers from the 17th to the 19th century. It is a tribute to their strength, hope, and unwavering spirit in the face of unimaginable adversity.

Inspiration Behind

I thought of the countless African American mothers who endured so much for so long. Their strength and resilience, despite suffering, inspired me deeply. Their legacy is one of incredible courage and hope, passed down through generations.

The Negro Mother’s Prayer

In the stillness of the pew, I kneel,
And to the heavens, my soul I reveal.
With folded hands and tearful eyes,
I pray for strength as each day flies.

Oh Lord, grant justice, pure and bright,
For my children, give them light.
Through trials and shadows, keep them near,
Let them know that you are here.

Protect their steps, guide their way,
In every night, in every day.
May they find a world that's kind,
Where truth and peace are intertwined.

I ask for courage, deep and strong,
To right the paths that may be wrong.
Let their dreams be bold and free,
As they rise to dignity.

In this humble church, I raise my voice,
In your mercy, let them rejoice.
For in your grace, we find our song,
In your love, we all belong.

Guided by Faith
Guided by Faith


“The Negro Mother’s Prayer” is a heartfelt plea from a mother during a church service, asking for strength, justice, and protection for her children. It reflects her deep faith and hope for a brighter future.

Inspiration Behind

I envisioned a mother, deeply connected to her faith, pouring her heart out in prayer during a quiet church service. Her prayer is a mix of sorrow, hope, and an unwavering belief in justice and protection for her children.

End Words

These Negro Mother Poems reflect the deep strength, enduring hope, and unwavering faith of African American mothers throughout history. Each verse captures their resilience and love, highlighting their prayers and dreams for a better future for their children. Through quiet moments and heartfelt pleas, these mothers find and share strength, shaping a legacy of courage and hope.

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