Common cold poem

Common Cold

In bed, I lay, a sneezy stew,
Nose red, tissues, a scattered crew.
Soup simmers, a steamy hug,
Feet soaking, in the tub, snug.

Vitamins parade on the shelf,
"Get well soon!" I whisper to myself.
A sneeze escapes, a thunderous sound,
My cat leaps up, astounded, round.

Tea sips, honey drips, slow,
Cold's grip, yet laughter flows.
In pajamas, with dots and a moose,
I battle the sniffles, a truce to induce.
A man sneezing madly in winter


Common Cold” is a lighthearted poem that humorously captures the all-too-familiar experience of battling a cold. Through short, playful lines, it paints a picture of the small, often comical moments that come with being under the weather, from the scatter of tissues to the surprise of a sneeze that startles even the cat. It’s a reminder that even in discomfort, there’s a warmth and humor to be found in the care routines we adopt, making the common cold a shared, if not slightly amusing, human experience.

Inspirations Behind

As I sat, nursing my own bout of the common cold, the absurdity of the situation struck me. Surrounded by a fortress of tissues, gulping down remedies, and donning the most ridiculous pajamas, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. The poem emerged from this moment of self-amusement, a tribute to the universal ordeal of dealing with a cold. It’s a nod to the small joys and silliness that accompany our attempts to feel better, highlighting how even in sickness, life offers us moments of light-heartedness and warmth.

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