End of March Poem
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End of March

Cold, Frigid,
Sleeping, Freezing, Silencing,
Mountains, Winds, Buds, Streams,
Thawing, Warming, Awakening,
Vibrant, Renewed,

Crisp, Fading,
Chilling, Shifting, Yielding,
Storms, Nights, Days, Rays,
Warming, Growing, Awakening,
Bright, New,
A serene snowy landscape transitioning into a blooming spring field
A serene snowy landscape transitioning into a blooming spring field


“End of March” is a diamante poem that captures the transition from the cold, quiet days of winter to the warm, alive emergence of spring, with March serving as the pivot point. The structure reflects the change in seasons—starting with “Winter,” moving through “March,” and ending with “April.” Each line transitions from the characteristics and actions associated with winter, through the transformative period of March, and finally into the vibrant onset of spring. This poem celebrates the cyclical nature of seasons, emphasizing the gradual shift from dormancy to life, and from cold to warmth, marking the end of one phase and the beginning of another.

March transitioning into April
March transitioning into April

Inspiration Behind

As I crafted “End of March,” I was inspired by the subtle yet profound transformation that occurs at this time of year. Observing the world around me, I noticed how the remnants of winter slowly give way to the signs of spring. The poem emerged from a desire to capture this transition in a structured form, contrasting the starkness of winter with the vitality of spring, and using March as a bridge between these contrasting states. I wanted to create a piece that not only marked the end of one season but also celebrated the arrival of another, highlighting the continuous cycle of nature and the renewed hope that comes with the onset of spring.

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