Field of Poppies Poem
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Field of Poppies

Scarlet waves, under open skies,
Silent tribute, nature's sighs.

Gentle heads, to the sun, they nod,
Rooted deeply in the sod.

Each bloom, a keeper of the peace,
In their presence, sorrows cease.

Beneath the day's endearing glow,
Secrets only poppies know.

As dusk descends, they softly close,
In fields where quietude chose.

Their cycle, a silent reply,
To questions of where and why.
Scarlet Waves Under Open Skies
Scarlet Waves Under Open Skies
Dusk's Soft Closure
Dusk’s Soft Closure


Field of Poppies poem captures the essence of a poppy field, portraying it as a place of serene beauty and silent reflection. The poem highlights the poppies’ vibrant presence under the sky, nodding gently to the sun, symbolizing peace and a respite from sorrow. It hints at the mysteries and secrets held by these blooms, known only to them as day turns to dusk. The poem subtly addresses the cycle of life and the natural, unspoken wisdom of the poppies, inviting contemplation on the deeper questions of existence.

Inspiration Behind

Inspired by the tranquil and somewhat solemn beauty of a field of poppies, this poem sought to convey the silent strength and peace these flowers embody. The imagery of scarlet waves under open skies and blooms that keep secrets aimed to capture the allure and mystique of poppies. The intention was to create a sense of calm and introspection, reflecting on the cycle of life and the quietude that poppies represent in nature’s vast canvas.

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