Frost on the pumpkin poem
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Frost on the Pumpkin

In the quiet of dawn, when the world is still,
A blanket of frost lays on the hill.
A pumpkin sits, in the field all alone,
Wrapped in a chill, it has not known.

Its orange hue, now a paler shade,
Underneath the morning's frosty glade.
The sun peeks over the horizon, bright,
Kissing the frost with a gentle light.

The ice crystals glitter, a magical sight,
As the pumpkin basks in the new daylight.
A symbol of autumn, so serene and plump,
Adorned with a crown of frost, on its rump.

The fields awake, and the day begins,
Nature's cycle, where the new life spins.
But for a moment, in the early morn,
The pumpkin and frost, in beauty, adorn.


Frost on the Pumpkin poem captures the serene beauty of an autumn morning, where a lone pumpkin sits in a field, embraced by the first frost of the season. The poem paints a picture of the quiet dawn, the magical transformation brought by the frost, and the gentle warmth of the morning sun. It reflects on the cycle of nature and the simple, yet profound beauty found in these moments of transition.

Inspirations Behind

The inspiration behind this poem comes from my love for the autumn season. I’ve always been captivated by the first frost, how it transforms the landscape into a sparkling wonderland. The image of a pumpkin, solitary in a field, covered in frost, struck me as a perfect symbol of autumn’s beauty. It’s a moment of stillness and change, where the end of one season ushers in the beginning of another, reminding us of the cycles within nature and life itself.

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